Bunions or Hallux Valgus are deformities of the big toe. They happen when the metatarsal (a bone at the base of the toe) is pushed outwards, causing a characteristic bony lump near the ball of your foot.

Bunions can be extremely painful, especially if your foot no longer fits in normal shoes. Untreated, this can lead to irritation, blisters, callouses and even difficulties walking.

A good pair of insoles designed by orthotics specialists can be extremely effective in treating and reducing pain cause by bunions. They can also help the recovery of those who have undergone recent bunion removal surgery.

Though there are various ways of measuring the deformity at the joint, most diagnosis is done visually. Symptoms of buncions can include:

  • A swollen, bony bump on the outside of your foot
  • Pain and swelling across your big toe
  • Inflamed or calloused skin on your big toe
  • Difficulty wearing shoes because of changes in the shape of your foot

Some of the causes of bunions include overly flexible joints, rheumatoid arthritis or a history of bunions in the family.

The most common cause is however too tightly fitting shoes - particularly high heels.

Surgery is the only way to properly correct a bunion. However, it's almost always recommended by GPs to try some more preventative treatments, before it gets to such an extreme stage.

These can't change the shape of your foot, but can help relieve pain and prevent further damage:

  • Footwear is the first thing to consider - invest in properly fitting shoes (flat and wide fitting shoes often work best)
  • If you toe is swollen and inflamed, an ice pack can make a good short term pain relief
  • A Bunion Shield can protect the bunion from painfully rubbing against shoes
  • A Silicone Toe Spreader can be used to stop overlap, but can take up valuable room in the shoe
  • Any blisters, corns and calluses caused by a bunion can be treated with silicone protectors and specialist creams


  • Insoles can correct pressures across the joint, and improve the foot alignment:

Our X-Line DJD insole has been specifically designed for 1st joint pain and can help reduce foot pain whilst making walking easier.

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