Gel Footcare

Our silicone gel footcare range is designed to relieve pressure from areas of your feet and toes - treating pain in the heels, corns, callouses, blisters and bunions.

They are made from a silicone gel that reduces the effect of rubbing on the skin, and help to replace the role of natural fatty tissue, that can reduce as we age.

Gel protection can be used to treat a range of foot conditions and can be used with orthotics and insoles when a range of support and protection is required.

Toe caps, separators, shields and sleeves all work to protect painful areas from unwanted frictions and pressures, giving them time to heel and recover. Combine gel protection with orthotics and insoles to treat a huge range of foot conditions, including Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis and Metatarsalgia symptoms.

Silicone gel products are designed for use under hosiery and in shoes.

Give your feet instant protection with our Silicone gel foot-care range.

Help your feet feel better with gel protection.

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Silicone Gel Toe Protection Tube

8cm soft, silicone tube for protecting toes.

Soft Gel Bunion Shield with Loop

Protective silicone bunion shield with toe loop.

Slim Gel Toe Separators

Contoured separators for overlapping toes.

Self Adhesive Corn Cushions

A soft, protective ring to relieve pressures on your toe.

Shoe Heel Protector

A protective pad to keep your heels happy.

Gel Toe Spreader for Bunions

Silicone toe spreader for treating bunions.

Stick On Pads

Pads can be cut to fit (Pack of 4)

Silicone Toe Protection Ring

Soft silicone gel toe protection ring.

Gel Toe Cap

Seamless silicone toe cap.

Silicone Toe Protectors

Soft toe protection strips for those hard-to-treat areas.