Nail & Skin Care

Our skin is the largest organ of the body. It is essential to our survival. It is our protective barrier, our temperature control and provides us with essential vitamin D. Skin on the foot is subjected to impact with the ground every step, and has contact with shoes and hosiery putting it particularly under stress.

Looking after our skin is therefore important to our health and wellbeing. That's why we offer Body Essentials that do not contain parabens or SLS, perseverative commonly found in creams and cosmetics that are absorbed into the body and may be linked with breast cancer and male infertility.

Cracked and dry skin can expose your body to environmental elements like bacteria and viruses that aren't good for us. Dry skin can be sensitive, cracked skin, corns and calluses can be painful making walking difficult. Keeping the problems under control is important to our overall health.

Our range of skin care products from Gehwol and Body Essentials are designed with those aims in mind and are an excellent supplement to our range of orthoses, gel protectors and socks.

Healthy Step Insoles Offer

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Banish that Blotch

An oil spray to fight verrucae.

Gehwol Nail Softener

Improves elasticity of the cuticle. Alleviates discomfort of ingrowing toenails.

Gehwol Extra

A universal foot cream for daily intensive care.

Gehwol Foot Deodorant Spray

Refreshing foot spray deodorises, protects and cares.

Gehwol Foot Powder Shaker

Disinfectant powder, helps prevent athletes foot and foot odour.

Gehwol Callus Cream

A cream to soften and treat calluses.

Gehwol Foot Balm

A refreshing balm for normal feet with cooling menthol oils.

Ditch that Itch

A natural spray to target Athletes Foot.

Gehwol Lipidro Cream

Made to care for dry and sensitive skin.

Warm Your Sole

A comforting foot spray for chilblains and cold feet.

Gehwol Salve Cream

For heavily callused, brittle dry and rough skin.

Gehwol Protective Nail and Skin Cream

Strengthens and protects nails from fungal infections.

Gehwol Foot Deodorant Cream

A Deodorant Cream designed to give 24hr freshness.

Gehwol Rosemary Bath Salts

Cleanse, refresh and revitalise feet.