Gehwol - or "walk well" as it translates - was founded almost 130 years ago, and since then continues to develop and supply the highest quality skin care products for feet.

Growing numbers of professional spas across the world use Gehwol as their first choice for foot and leg care. Great products for the home to keep the skin and nails of the foot healthy and fit for purpose.

The Gehwol foot care items are created using natural extracts to offer maximum skin health benefits and maintain the wellbeing of your feet.

Whether you simply want to keep your feet in great shape, or have issues with tired feet with cracked skin or foot odour – Gehwol offer a perfect solution for every problem.

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Gehwol Nail Softener

Improves elasticity of the cuticle. Alleviates discomfort of ingrowing toenails.

Gehwol Extra

A universal foot cream for daily intensive care.

Gehwol Foot Balm

A refreshing balm for normal feet with cooling menthol oils.

Gehwol Foot Powder Shaker

Disinfectant powder, helps prevent athletes foot and foot odour.

Gehwol Rosemary Bath Salts

Cleanse, refresh and revitalise feet.

Gehwol Foot Deodorant Cream

A Deodorant Cream designed to give 24hr freshness.

Gehwol Salve Cream

For heavily callused, brittle dry and rough skin.

Gehwol Callus Cream

A cream to soften and treat calluses.

Gehwol Protective Nail and Skin Cream

Strengthens and protects nails from fungal infections.

Gehwol Lipidro Cream

Made to care for dry and sensitive skin.

Gehwol Foot Deodorant Spray

Refreshing foot spray deodorises, protects and cares.