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“Can Heel Fix Insoles help my heel pain”?

Before we discuss how to use the Heel Fix Kit Insole we need to dispel a myth about expensive custom insoles often known erroneously as ‘orthotics’. 

There is NO scientific research published, or clinical evidence, that indicates that expensive custom insoles are any more effective in the management of plantar fasciitis than pre-formed (over-the- counter) insoles. You may read contrary to this on certain websites that are promoting custom insoles costing 10 to 30 times the cost of the Heel Fix Kit. These sites cannot support these claims. The insoles in this kit are just as likely to help your heel pain as an expensive custom orthotic. Scientific research has shown the effectiveness of insoles (known as foot orthoses), in the management of heel pain, whether custom or preformed-over-the-counter devices. The Heel Fix Kit Insole is designed by the same team that designed one of the UK leading medical insoles prescribed extensively in the National Health Service of Great Britain for many conditions including plantar fasciitis. See insoles for plantar fasciitis.

Heel Fix Kit Insoles will work best in shoes where the existing insole of the shoe can be removed. It is then a simple task to trim the insole to fit the shoe size then slip the insole inside the shoe. If shoe space is limited trim the insole just behind the ball of the foot.

Heel Fix Kit Insoles are designed to work on several levels. First they raise the heel, making it easier for your calf muscles to lift your heel up. The arch support reduces the foot flattening and elongation. Both of these features should reduce plantar fascia strain. The special forefoot dome allows the metatarsal phalangeal joints to position themselves better to act as efficient fulcrums, while a special groove beneath the largest big toe joint helps keep this joint as the main fulcrum.

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