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HeelFixKit – The Pathway to Pain Free Heels

How to make the most of your Heel Fix Kit®

Heel pain is notorious in medical circles as being unpredictable and occasionally problematic to resolve. Most settle steadily with treatment but by following our recommended Heel Fix Kit® pathway you should be able to shake off your heel pain even if it is a more troublesome case.

First, the three really important things to remember:

Don’t over-do exercise

If something flares your heel pain don’t do it. Avoid increasing your activity levels until your heel pain has resolved, then only build up slowly. Runners should stop and use non-weight bearing exercise like cycling to keep fitness up until

the heel pain has resolved.

Don’t wear shoes that aggravate your heel pain

Flat soft flexible shoes are the worst. Avoid ballet pumps, or Dunlop/Converse style lace-ups and slip-ons. Please avoid these shoe styles at all costs until your pain has resolved.

The Heel Fix Kit® exercises are essential

Please don’t stop them, even if at first they seem to be achieving little. They will make a big difference in the long run, allowing you to return to activity without pain.


Heel Pain Pathway

Score the level of pain you have from 10 the worse pain ever, to 0 no pain. Now start your exercise plan (see our videos), wear your heel-pain (PF) insoles all the time you are on your feet, even in the house and strap your heel every day for two weeks following the instructions of the HeelFixKit® and videos on our website. Every two weeks use the heel pain sheet (pain sheet) and reassess your pain level and then follow the advice on this pathway as to what action is required next to resolve your pain.







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