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Protecting Your Heels from Pain (the Heel Fix Kit way)

“How do I avoid heel pain in the future”?

Purchasing the Heel Fix Kit  is a big step forward in the resolution of your heel pain. After 6 weeks most users of the Heel Fix Kit will be 75% plus better and no more taping than during the first two weeks should be required. It should just be a case of continuing with the Heel Fix Kit exercises and insoles until you are pain free. We strongly recommended that for the six months after your heel pain has resolved you continue to use the Heel Fix Kit exercises and insoles.

We suggest that if your improvement is less than 40% after six weeks that you seek professional advice from a clinician. However if your pain is over 40% give it another 6 weeks of taping everyday (further taping packs are available from the web site) and continue with Heel Fix Kit exercises and insoles. You may also find that using the tape on days of extra activity such as golf or taking a walk is beneficial to prevent symptoms.

But what do you do once your heel pain is gone? 

We recommend that at least once a week you continue to perform the Heel Fix Kit exercises. They are good for your feet and body generally. Continue to be careful with your shoe choice. Slip-on shoes and high heels are best worn as occasional treats when you are going out somewhere special. They are unsuitable for everyday use. Following that rule will help you avoid much discomfort in the future. If you are a sports person it would probably be wise to continue to use Heel Fix Kit insoles for any sport an exercise. Further pairs are available from the web site.

For the not so active you may find that just keeping up with the exercises weekly plus a little care with shoe choice will keep you pain free. However should you feel less comfortable once your Heel Fix Kit insoles are no longer worn, or you start to get heel pain again, then we recommend you continue to purchase Heel Fix Kit Insoles and perform Heel Fix Kit Exercise at least on an irregular basis.

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