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The Benefits of Evolve Run and Run+

The Alleviate Evolve range of foot orthoses has been designed to be an effective running companion, helping reduce fatigue when running by assisting with foot function rather than restricting normal foot motions or movements such as pronation.

How soon your foot fatigues depends on many factors and it is not simply because you pronate.  It is affected by the capacity of your anatomical structures to deal with the stresses you’re putting on them when you run which in turn will depend on things like:

  • How far you’re running
  • How fast you’re running
  • How often you’re running
  • The terrain on which you’re running
  • The footwear in which you’re running
  • And …the list goes on.

The profile and support features are specifically tailored to assist in the three major weight-bearing events during running:

  1. Initial impact phase
  2. Single foot stability phase
  3. The acceleration phase

Runs which require more work from the muscles etc (could be longer, faster, more uphill etc) tends to cause the foot arch height to drop (lower) whilst it increases in length and width.  This is due to fatigue in the muscular and connective tissue. It results in reduced elastic recoil from the elastic tissues such as tendons and ligaments, during your running acceleration phase. 

The less elastic energy that recoils out from the foot during acceleration, the harder the muscles have to work to make up the difference. This provokes a cycle of fatigue in the muscles which eventually causes changes in running style and performance. These changes may lead to eventual injury.

Putting Alleviate Evolve insoles into your running shoes will protect the foot and leg from overstraining if and when the feet fatigue. Using our foot strengthening exercises to increase strength in your foot and ankle muscles, combined with foot orthoses in running may help to reduce the risk of, and/or delay, muscle fatigue. 


Compare devices

Evolve RunEvolve Run+
Shaped for the majority of foot profiles, the insole consists of a comfort top cover incorporating a geometry that cradles the foot arch in all directions to limit the total arch drop possible with fatigue. For those who tend to weight-bear more to the insides of their feet and/or have feet that flatten more easily. These types of feet can potentially fatigue earlier and have increased mobility across the midfoot.
The heel cup helps limit the soft tissue spread from under the heel of the all-important heel fat pad which plays a pivotal role in most distance runners initial ground impact. Often forefoot runners will become heel strikers at longer distances as their muscles fatigue!Evolve+ insoles are more appropriate for the above feet, having higher arch geometry provided to restrict arch flattening at a higher profile than the Evolve.
Careful design of the metatarsal head region maximises the acceleration phase position of the metatarsals to enhance critical forefoot stiffening during the drive forward to the next step.This higher foot arch contour (geometry) helps reduce potential excess midfoot splay and decreased midfoot plantarflexion. By preventing midfoot splay and enhancing the midfoot plantarflexion required during the acceleration phase the Evolve+ can help when running with fatigued foot muscles.
Our heel cup shape protects the plantar fat pad spread that can occur with fatigue. The Evolve+ metatarsal support can help take the strain from the hard working muscles of the feet when they stiffen during the drive forward of acceleration. This, combined with our comfort top covers, will help keep running pleasurable.
Comparing the features of Evolve Run and Evolve Run+


When to use the wedge



The Evolve arch geometry is contoured across the whole width of the foot for average foot profiles and arch heights, designed to limit the amount of foot arch lowering through gait.  In addition, some feet will be unstable or develop instability with fatigue on the inside arch (called the Inner Longitudinal Arch, ILA or MLA).

The included wedge is shaped uniquely to add support and height to the middle part of the device where the arch lowers most.  Where you feel that your arch requires more support or if you get symptoms of fatigue still using Evolve, attach the wedge to increase the arch geometry.





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