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The DIY Way To Look After Your Feet

Hair looks nice, hands and face moisturised, teeth cleaned and flossed so that final check in the mirror and we are totally ready for the day!


Or are we? 

Our daily routines rarely include our feet. Feet really do suffer from an ‘out of sight out of mind’ mentality. Sure we might pay our feet a bit more attention during the summer when we are wearing sandals and others can see them, but ask your self honestly: Do your feet get the same pampering as your hands, face, hair or teeth? Yet for most of us, our feet are going to be put through their paces more than any other part of our body every day. 

So how do we find the time for ourselves when we have such limited time and busy lives? Kids to feed and taxi wherever they need to go, a house to run and still got to get to work. There is barely time for the head and hands let alone throwing feet into the mix. Yes, the feet can hurt a bit, feel dry and sore but that’s to be expected right? Wrong!

There are 4 simple things you can do to give your feet a chance to remain fit and healthy just by giving them a simple pamper every day


  1. Moisturise your feet: 


There are lots of great creams out there to keep your foot skin soft and supple. Skin takes a lot of friction throughout the day, and to do that effectively it needs to move freely. Dry skin is far less effective at doing this important job. 

When dry skin is subject friction it can cause cracks in the skin called fissures, these can be very painful and put the foot at risk of infection.

It is best to be pre-emptive and make the effort to moisturise daily, just like your hands. Twice a day moisturising is best morning and night, but if you can only manage once try it after washing your feet.

There are lots of creams to try and at they stock a good range to suit all types of feet:

Normal feet

Odorous feet

Dry skin 

Dry, rough feet 

Callused feet 

2. Exercise your feet:

A few simple exercises on a daily basis can make a big difference in fighting foot fatigue or pain at the end of a working day. This helps avoid a lot of common foot problems and injuries. The following three exercises we find particularly beneficial and the foot therapy ball has scientifically proven effects:

Exercise Therapy Ball

Toe Motion Exercise

Heel Raise/Calf and foot Strengthening


3. Check toenails carefully:



Cut your toenails carefully, not too short and following the toe shape. You should always have a little space under your nail between the edge and the skin. Cutting toenails straight across as commonly advised sometimes leave points on the corners that can stab into the neighbouring toes within shoes. Therefore follow your toe shape leaving a free edge and then file the nail carefully to leave no sharp edges.

If you have nails that grow in or pinch the skin, you may need some professional advice on cutting, but try wearing some wider toe box shoes for a while and see if the problem settles. Inspect the nails daily when drying our feet to prevent problems from happening.

You can strengthen nails and help avoid fungal infections using Gehwol Protective Nail & Skin Cream 


4. Be selective with shoes:

Okay, we all want to dazzle in our shoes every day and look gorgeous right? The reality is, there is a price to be paid for that beauty. Dress shoes take their toll on your feet none more so than high heels. Some simple considerations can reduce the suffering and still keep you looking fabulous and professional when it matters.

Wear the right shoe for the right occasion. Supermarket shopping, walking around the park or driving a long way, then trainers are the answer. Take it from me no one cares what’s on your feet when you do these things. Always keep a pair of trainers in a bag, at work or back of the car for a quick shoe change. So many women do this now on the way to the office and you don’t give it a second glance, so give it a go.

Even sitting in the office, you can sneak your shoes off or wear some nice wide toe box shoes or sandals under the desk. No one is going to see or care. But have the killer shoes ready for the power meetings, the client face to face or meeting the boss. She just might expect you to make the effort. If you suffer even for the short periods in heels, or you’re on a trade stand stuck in the heels all day, try the Nine to Five ‘Heels’ for instant help.

Finally, if you have a job on your feet and you must wear practical or safety shoes, then remember if the feet ache to get into the exercises listed above and take a look at our range of insoles and orthotics. We have something for all shoes and everyone. Good foot care will make a big difference to you.


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