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Introducing The X-Line 3/4

Following the launch of the original X-Line, HealthyStep has always listened and responded to customer feedback which has been the vanguard of the 15-year success story of X-Line and subsequent iterations. A ¾ X-Line has been requested and on the 15th anniversary, HealthyStep is now able to bring it to the market with key features specifically for this type of device.


Suitable for:

Situations where full-length devices aren’t a good option for your patient’s footwear or lifestyle.  The ¾ X-Line is a blend of comfort and support that you will need to treat many foot conditions such as arch and foot strain, ankle pain, Plantar Heel Pain and Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction.

Durability comes in the form of a plastic ‘shell’ on the underside which is light but adds considerably to the lifespan and torsional resistance of the device.

The device incorporates a deep heel cup and an effective medial arch under-bevel to assist with shoe fit and compliance.

Additional information on the design features

  • The deep heel cup offers reassuring and effective control of the rearfoot. There is an extra anti-pronatory feature within the heel cup so the rearfoot is actively supported.
  • The midfoot saddle provides essential support and improves stability throughout gait.
  • Unique medial arch under-bevel.
  • Designed to be your go-to device for many conditions particularly where footwear accommodation is an issue.

Contact us today to talk about how the X-Line 3/4 could be of benefit to your practise 01457 839549 or [email protected].  View the product here

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