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Now Stocking Vitamins and Supplements

HealthyStep is now offering a range of popular vitamins and supplements that are commonly recommended in relation to treating musculoskeletal conditions.

Here at Healthy Step, we keep a watchful eye on any research that benefits MSK patients and their treatment in the clinic. 

Evidence on the benefits of regularly taking Vitamin D supplements, particularly in the winter months, is mounting up and we were keen to source quality products produced in the UK to offer our customers.

In searching for a partner to help us build a range of products our Managing Director recalled a business that set up in Saddleworth at the same time as and occupied premises in the same business centre. Goodhealth Products is a UK wide supplier with a broad range and a 20-year history in the industry and we are delighted to partner them in our latest venture which is featured on our website under a new section devoted to these products.

Healthy Step now offers a quality range of Supplements & Vitamins, including a 5000iu Vitamin D tablet that will help us all going into the darker months. Take a look at our latest article on the benefits of Vitamin D with regard to MSK patients. 


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