1000 Mile Ultra Performance Sock with Cupron

If you suffer from foot odour or athletes foot, this is the perfect sock for you.


Product Description

The unique design of the 1000 Mile Ultra Performance Sock features embedded copper fibre technology, proven to be effective against bacteria and fungus that cause odour. This remains an active protection throughout the life of the sock.
A good sock for soccer, rugby, hockey etc. when you’re out of team kit.

Padded zones on the heel and toe areas make it comfortable, airflow channels on the top of the foot allow the foot to breathe and the arch support provides additional support holding the sock firmly in place.

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  • Extra padding for toe, ball and heel zones
  • Cupron® Enhanced yarns in the heel and toe areas
  • High ankle for strong grip
  • Arch bracing gives additional support and custom fit
  • A single layer sock

35% Cotton, 32% Nylon, 24% Polyester, 8% Cupron®, 1% Spandex

Care Instructions:

  • Wash before wearing
  • Machine wash 30 degree
  • No bleach
  • Do not tumble dry

Correctly fitting and preparing socks greatly increases the life expectancy of the sock.

  1. Choose the same size of sock as your foot. If you have narrow feet (D or less) or are on the border between sizes you should go down a size
  2. Cut barb with scissors to avoid damage to fabric.
  3. Pull on sock carefully to ensure the fitted heel and toe box sit on the foot correctly.


Simple foot and calf exercises performed regularly are a great way to improve balance. The extra strength these exercises give your feet help your sports performance and reduces injury risk.

Exercise Therapy Ball

Toe Motion Exercise.

Heel Raise / Calf and foot Strengthening.

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