Arch Angel Heels Insoles

The ultimate high-heeled foot saviour has arrived! Lose those devilish foot aches and feel heavenly for longer with Arch Angel Heels.

Designed and manufactured in the UK


Add additional pairs for only £4.95 each

Product Description

Very slim and discreet orthotic device made from a special material that makes wearing high heels more pleasurable. Designed for any footwear with a heel height over 1 ¼ inches (35mm). They will not work in flatter shoes

  • Special in-built flexion lines allow the insole to shape to each shoe’s heel height
  • The insole sits to the back of the shoe, so your toe box isn’t filled with material, leaving your toes free, unlike other insoles marketed for high heels that squash toes
  • This insole moves your body weight away from the forefoot, helping to relieve pain and burning around the balls of your feet
  • Grips to the shoe (not on your feet) so they will not move within your shoe, although they can still be removed to fit another pair of heels 
  • Ranging from UK sizes 3 to 10, these insoles cater for most sizes of court and stiletto shoe and will fit and work in any height of heel over 1 ¼  inches (35mm)
  • Arch Angel Heels are comfortable and easily washable (washing renews the insole’s shoe gripping abilities)
  • Wash with mild soapy water before transferring to another pair of heels and air dry to keep your insoles working fully

Suitable for:

  • Symptoms associated with wearing high heels
  • Any symptom brought by wearing your heels
  • Pain in the ball of feet in high heels
  • Burning pain in high heels
  • General tiredness and discomfort of high heels
  • Ballroom room and other high-heeled footwear dancing

Fits the following shoe styles:

  • Any heeled shoe greater than 1 ¼ inch (35mm)

What does it feel like to wear insoles




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For as long as there has been high-heeled footwear, wears have suffered foot and leg aches and pains. Usual medical advice was to ‘stop wearing them’ and little else could be done to help.

High heels are detrimental to our feet and bodies, but just ‘not wearing them’ is not always an option. Certain occupations still demand their use and ballroom dancing would not have quite the same glamour wearing pumps!

Then there is that wonderful look and feeling you get in heels on a special occasion.

The ultimate high heels foot saviour has arrived! Feel heavenly on your heels for longer with Arch Angel Heels. This is not a gel pad that just makes your toes feel tight unlike what is generally sold for high heels. Arch Angel Heels have been very carefully engineered.

From a clinical need to protect ballroom dancers leading podiatrist, lecturer, and clinical author Andy Horwood, worked on an answer from the early 1990’s. Working with HealthyStep, materials were developed to produce an insole that reduced pain and protected the foot from some of the deleterious effects of using high heels.

Is there more I can do to help my feet in high heels?

Regular calf stretching and toe exercises after using high heels can reverse a lot of the ill effects of using high heels. See the exercises we recommend.

Also, try using TOETOE® Separator Socks after wearing high heels to get those toes moving again.



  • Very slim, durable and discreet orthotic device made from a special material and designed only for the high-heeled shoes
  • Constructed with built-in flexion lines allowing the insole to shape to each individual shoe’s heel height
  • Designed to move your body weight away from the forefoot 
  • Comfortable and washable 
  • Made to sit in the back of the shoe, so avoids toe squashing
  • Able to grip to the shoe (not to your feet) 
  • Wash with mild soapy water before transferring to another pair of heels and air-dry to keep your insoles gripping properly

High-heeled shoes are tough on the feet!

HealthyStep’s Arch Angel Heels will help protect you from discomfort in the forefoot. However, you’ll need to do more to help your feet cope with the high-heel stress and strain if you use them regularly.

Simple rehabilitation exercises are incredibly important and will reinforce the effect of the Arch Angel heels 

By exercising and strengthening the foot, it is possible to help keep you wearing your heels for longer with less discomfort. By using Arch Angel Heels and exercises your feet will recover far quicker after wearing those killer heels.

Foot Therapy Ball:

Toe Motion Exercise:

Heel Raise:

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