Arch Angel Active Insole

An insole designed by HealthyStep’s clinical specialists for effective relief of the foot problems associated with high-impact exercise including generalised foot pain, calf injuries, arch pain, plantar fasciitis, and knee pain.

Designed and developed in the UK


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Product Description

A dual-density insole with midfoot cradling support that can enhance both shock absorption and foot stability.

  • A mid-foot/arch support provides superior stability 
  • anatomical heel cradle provides effective rear-foot and ankle control 
  • This full-length insole is lightweight, keeping sporty feet comfortable over long distances and extended periods of exercise

Suitable for:

  • Sports shoes and all trainers, especially those with removable insoles
  • Arch aches or pains from foot strain during higher levels of activity
  • Pain under forefoot and toe area (metatarsalgia) during sport
  • Heel and ankle pains, including mild plantar fasciitis. (policeman’s foot)

How to fit insoles

What does it feel like to wear insoles


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Designed for high-impact sports where the repeated hammering into the ground on un-naturally hard surfaces can fatigue the muscles and joints that protect us from damaging shock waves.

Also built to assist natural foot function by contouring and cradling the midfoot and supporting the rearfoot and forefoot. Strengthening the foot and ankle enhances the beneficial effects of insoles.

For more on how this product works, click here.

The Arch Angel Active insole offers support and high-impact protection when feet and legs get tired.

  • Lightweight and shock-absorbent 
  • Designed for foot problems associated with high-impact exercise 
  • Helps reduce foot and leg fatigue after long periods of recurrent impact events
  • Can relieve and prevent many injuries related to tennis, basketball, road running and netball
  • Enhances natural foot function 
  • Comfortable cushioning for sports shoes
  • Tough & transferable, full-length insoles that can be trimmed to fit footwear perfectly

It’s good to be active! However, active bodies need strong feet.

Insoles help improve foot function by holding them in the correct position for the arches to stabilise the body to cushion and then return energy to help us spring forward. This helps prevent fatigue, but so do strong muscles.

Simple rehabilitation exercises make a big difference to reduce fatigue and return energy. 

Try the following exercises daily to improve your strength and posture:

Foot Therapy Ball


Toe Motion Exercise

Heel Raise


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