PU Sheet Low Density

Our PU material is an ideal shock-absorbing material for use as a flat comfort insole, or as a top cover to provide cushioning and high levels of comfort on contoured insoles. We recommend abrading one side with sandpaper or other abrasive means to ensure good adhesion to other materials. 
This material has excellent shear strength compared to other shock-absorbing materials and will not tear easily. If you currently use Poron® then this material is an economic alternative with great performance and durability.
Available in two thicknesses 1.5mm and 3mm


Product Description

Technical Spec

Density (Shore) : Low

Thickness (mm) :  1.5 & 3

 Sheet Size  : 1.45 X 1.0 metre

Weight (gm/square meter)

1.5mm :

3mm :

Colour : Blue

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