Gehwol Foot Powder Shaker

The perfect home treatment for fungal infections on the feet and between the toes.


Product Description

The well-tried active ingredient Clotrimazole prevents fungal growth, while Bisabolol soothes and reduces inflammation and itch.

• Kills athlete’s foot and other candida foot infections
• Anti-inlammatory
• Soothes and reduces itching
• Reduces sweat levels, which promote fungus

Gehwol Foot Powder is dermatologically tested, and suitable for diabetics and children of all ages.

The perfect home treatment for fungal infections on the feet and between the toes.

How to avoid athletes foot:

Athlete’s foot is caused by a variety of different species of fungus including the well-known candida. The affected skin can present in the following ways:

  • Itchy or sore and red
  • White, soggy and cracked, usually between toes
  • Dry, red, flaky or scaly, usually on the sole of the foot
  • Present with tiny little blisters

It is rarely a serious problem, but if the skin breaks due to the fungus, bacteria can get in and cause cellulitis. It can also spread to others fairly easily, and if it infects someone who is immune-suppressed it can be far more serious for them. It is therefore best to treat it and avoid it.

Avoiding infection:

  • Properly drying your feet, especially between each toe every time they get wet is one of the best ways to avoid infection
  • Don’t use a moisturiser between your toes, as this can help fungi multiply. Try an astringent such as witch hazel instead
  • Wear cotton based socks. Materials such as CoolMax® used in many TOETOE®, is particularly effective in reducing sweat
  • Wear a fresh pair of socks, tights or stockings every day, and make sure they aren’t too tight
  • Wearing TOETOE® Socks spreads the toes, making a less suitable environment for fungus. Hugely beneficial
  • Wear roomy shoes as much as possible, avoiding toe compression
  • Change your socks daily, rotate your shoes regularly, allowing them to dry out inside from sweat
  • Avoid walking around barefoot in public showers and locker rooms as much as possible
  • Don’t share towels, socks and shoes with other people, and ensuring your towels are washed regularly
  • Use talcum powder with extreme caution as using too much between toes, will create a paste that holds toe moisture
  • Use an anti-fungal power in shoes and on insoles if you have had an infection previously

There is much talk about using natural materials in shoes as that allows the skin the breath

This untrue unless the leather has not been waterproof

Sandals or barefoot are best for letting the foot breath, so try this when weather or environment allows


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Powder for soft feet

Keeps feet dry, smooth and odourless.

Targeted Athlete’s Foot

The powder helps protect against athlete’s foot.

Top Tip

We recommend sprinkling the powder into your ToeToe Socks too.

Wash the affected area first, and remove as much dead skin as you safely can. Affected skin usually rubs off after washing.

Sprinkle a little powder over your feet around the toes. Make sure an even spread gets between each toe, and then generally spread lightly over rest of foot with your hand.

Continue to use for at least one month after signs of athletes foot have resolved.

Also consider sprinkle a small amount into your shoes monthly. Wash your hands after use. Can also be used to keep gel poducts in good condition, and a little on insoles on a monthly basis keep fungal populations down.


  • Care should also be taken on application if suffering from any respiratory disorders or allergies
  • Once opened, use within 6 months

In the unlikely event of an adverse reaction, stop use immediately.

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