Foot Pump Socks

Compression Socks that look good and feel great


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Product Description

Put life in your legs

  • Improve the flow of blood from feet and lower limbs
  • Reduce the risk of DVT’s and thrombosis
  • Innovative toe pockets to aid foot muscle action
  • Designed by podiatry specialists

These socks are smart

NINE TO FIVE Foot Pump Socks offer optimum venous foot pump function (moving blood away from the feet and lower limbs back to the heart) using an innovative combination of compression and toe pockets that support your foot’s natural function.

Designed by a specialist podiatrist these socks create pressure between 20-30mmHg, that have been proven to reduce the risk of a range of circulatory condition associated with prolonged inactivity that causes foot and ankle swelling.


  • Made from 75% nylon and 25% lycra
  • Ankle length