Cutting toenails can be an unnecessarily difficult task due to using nail scissors or traditional clippers. They risk leaving nails with uneven or even sharp edges, or to skin being accidentally cut. 


High quality nail nippers make all the difference to maintaining a safe and comfortable nail length. These stainless steel, professional grade straight-edged nail clippers are perfect for keeping normal and even thicker, more difficult to trim nails, under control. 


Place the nail edge carefully between the blades of the nipper and gently move the nippers up against the toe end. Then gently press the nipper handles towards each other, but not to cut but instead to first to make sure that skin is not caught along with the nail edge. If it is, it will feel a little sore as you squeeze the handles together. If this is the case, move the nippers further away from the toe end and try again.


Once you are sure the nail is the only thing between the nipper blades, squeeze firmly and the nail will cut easily. Once cut, file the free edge of the nail smooth to the touch, so it doesn’t catch on hosiery.


Finally, clean the edge of the nipper blades with warm soapy water or a little alcohol based cleaner, then allow them to dry. A little light lubrication oil added to the hinges every six months will help keep the nippers freely moving and perfectly cutting for years.


Product Description

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