X – Line Wedges

Healthy Step Posting system is designed to create forces in point
specific locations on foot anatomy across the range of our X-line,
Condition specific and Alleviate evolve and evolve+ range of foot
orthoses. They adhere using top quality double-sided tape, but can
be adhered to the insoles by using a range of suitable adhesives such
as neoprene if the underside is scored first
Each post is designed to apply their moments of force to control the
maximum arch deforming that results from weight-bearing forces on
the foot at a specific moment of gait.
Coming in a range of sizes and thicknesses, these posts should be
seen as doses of force that can be used to enhance the effectiveness
of HealthyStep’s orthoses across the range. There is nothing else out
there so specifically engineered.

X-Line Wedges Info-for print



Product Description

Healthy Step rearfoot posts are tri-planar designed specifically to control contact to loading response eversion
excursion, and plantarflexion of the sub-talar/ankle joint complex. The post is extended when compared to most
rearfoot posts available from other companies to work with HealthyStep insole’s arch and midfoot saddle profile to
prevent excess plantarflexion, eversion, and abduction of the talo-navicular joint. This joint has been demonstrated
to have greater effect on other foot joints than any other joint in the foot

X-Line Wedges Info-for print

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