ToeToe Mid-Calf Black Socks

A classic traditional sock style of mid-calf length that allows each toe to move individually, increasing comfort and spreading the toes more naturally. They are ideal for everyday wear, from the office to casual shoes.


Product Description

  • Complete comfort and barefoot sensation!
  • Seamless Construction
  • Helps prevent blisters as there’s no friction between the toes
  • Promotes better inter-toe hygiene
  • Reduces foot odour by preventing moisture between toes


  • The Office
  • Casual comfort

Unisex socks which are made extremely stretchy to ensure perfect fit between UK 4-11 | EU 35-46.

Made from 90% cotton and 10% elastane.

TOETOE® the Socks Mother Nature would design.

Seamlessly Knitted

Seamless knitting allows the socks to adapt to the body providing a high level of comfort. You’ll forget you’re wearing them. Because each digit is accommodated, there is no friction between the toes greatly reducing the incidence of blisters. ToeToe Socks prevent odour, athlete’s foot and keeps the feet feeling fresh.

Prevent Blisters

TOETOE® Socks are also shown to prevent blisters by stopping your toes rubbing together when you move about. People who try TOETOE® Socks never go back to conventional socks.

Better Gait

ToeToe Socks allow a more natural toe movement during gait. This improves proprioception which in turn improves posture, balance and movement. Combined with a simple exercise regime using our therapy balls, wearing ToeToe Socks will strengthen the foot promoting a more efficient gait.

Weak foot muscles are associated with increased falls and raised pressure on the balls of the feet.

Enhance the benefits and effect of TOETOE® socks by strengthening your feet and ankles. By building up your calf and foot muscles you protect your feet from lots of common aches and pains and make your feet fitter, stronger, making them last for longer!

Exercise Therapy Ball
Toe Motion Exercise
Heel Raise / Calf and Foot Strengthening

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