X-Line 70 Insoles

A firm orthotic insole, created for longevity, rigidity and strong foot support with all the same heel cradling and mid-foot contour support of the classic X-Line insole.


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Product Description

  • Made from high-density foam giving firm highly durable foot support
  • Heel cradle and contoured midfoot which support throughout every step providing maximum comfort compared to a traditional ‘arch support’
  • Insole is full-length and can be quickly and easily trimmed to fit most comfort shoes
  • Brush nylon surface for an easy glide of the foot into the shoe
  • Ideal for those working or playing in tough wet muddy environments

Suitable for:

  • Ideal for those looking for more support than average insoles
  • Helps a multitude of fatigue related foot pains
  • Ideal for those working or playing in the country as easy to clean and dry (e.g. farmers, game keepers, rough terrain hiking)
  • For those who wear out regular insole quickly

How to fit:

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This is a very firm, tough insole. It was design for those who give their insoles some stick!

This means it might not be our recommendation for first time users of foot orthotic devices, but if you’ve had harder insole before you’ll really like the feel of these. For despite their firmness they still offer a supportive foot contour that cradles the foot as you walk.

We expect you’ll get good use of these has they have longevity and strength. They can cope with getting wet and muddy and are easy to clean with soapy water. Just let them naturally dry out after. Don’t heat them as that can change their shape.

The X-Line 70 is ideal for those who really use their feet hard in extreme and wet environments, such as rough weather walkers, fell runners and farmers.

Make walking, running and standing a pleasure again with the X-Line 70 insole, designed to improve your foot’s function and relieve symptoms of fatigue when you are active.

The X-Line 70 insole is suitable for shoe styles like wellington boots, and hiking shoes and boots, especially if you remove the shoe in-sock first.

How do I keep my feet strong for tough jobs and exercise?

Keeping your feet well exercised is important. Simple regular foot exercises are a great back up to daily walking. See our exercises we recommend to use with these insoles.

Greater Rigidity

This insole is a very firm version of the X-Line Standard. The X-Line 70 was produced as a result of clinicians requesting a rigid device for increased control and for greater longevity.

Midfoot Support

The anatomical heel cup is comfortable and affords good functional control. There is the midfoot saddle which supports the midfoot by reducing the speed of, and amount of, pronation through the midfoot.

Better Gait

The recess under the 1st joint allows that joint to ‘drop’ slightly just before you toe off. This small feature adds to the effective ‘push off’ when walking or running promoting a more efficient gait.

Keeping feet fit and strong often needs a combination of exercises and insoles!

Insoles are easy. Slip them in your shoes and they are working for you right away. However, simple rehabilitation exercises are incredibly important and will reinforce the effect of the HealthyStep X-Line 70 insoles.

By exercising and strengthening the foot it is not only possible to help speed up the recovery process, but also if you’ve had an injury, help you return to whatever activity the wearer loves to do – whether that be walking, running or playing sport.

By exercising your feet several times daily at first, your feet can quickly strengthen. As they do so the exercises become easy. Then you just need to do them a few times a week to stay on top of your foot strength.

Foot Therapy Ball

Toe Motion Exercise

Heel Raise

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