X-Line TPD50

The TPD50 insole is a softer version of the TPD orthotic device and is very helpful for many symptoms related to a lot of foot flattening on standing and walking.


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Product Description

  • Features high heel cups for heel stabilisation
  • High arch support placed specifically to offload the inside of the foot
  • Midfoot cradle and metatarsal support
  • CamberelleĀ® top cover for strength and durability
  • Supports the arch where other insoles fail

Suitable for:

  • Severe arch ache or pain
  • Severe medial ankle & shin pain
  • Any symptoms caused by large arch drop

Fits the following styles:

  • Any shoe with a removable in-sock/insole
  • Most lace up comfort shoe styles
  • Trainers (especially motion control trainers) and walking shoes

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The TPD50 insole is an orthotic device that brings the key features to control excessive pronation or foot flattening in the foot (also known as hyper and over pronation) and the symptoms that this abnormal movement might be causing.

The TPD50, is less firm than the classic TPD insole having a softer feel, and lacking the plastic wrap reinforcement. It can be a good choice to follow up a classic TPD insole once the pain on the inside of the ankle has resolved due to tibialis posterior dysfunction.

The TPD50 is a full-length insole that supports the foot through the full walking cycle, with strong arch support at the main points where muscle weakness fails to support the arch. As a result it is not suitable for naturally flat feet, but those where the arch is no longer as well supported as it once was.

TPD50 was designed by HealthyStep to provide immediate relief and arch high support and is used extensively in the UK by both the National Health Service (NHS) to manage a whole host of lower limb conditions associated with feet that pronate beyond what is normal or necessary.


  • High heel cups
  • High arch support
  • Metatarsal support
  • The TPD supports where other insoles fail.

The TPD is suitable for the following shoe styles:

  • Deep casual shoes
  • Deep lace ups
  • Trainers
  • Hiking boots

Feet that on standing and walking roll in and become more prone to the ground look flat, and quite different to how they look when resting off the floor. Such feet are known as over-pronated feet (sometimes, excess, abnormal or hyper-pronation is used).

Such feet are usually a result of arch muscle weakness or excess ligament laxity in the feet. Both will respond to exercises, although the muscle weakness is usually easier to correct.

If your feet have suddenly gone flat you might have Tibialis Posterior Dysfunction, and we would recommend the exercises listed for our Condition Specific TPD insole.

For general arch strengthening try the following exercises: 

Exercise Therapy Ball

Heel Raise / Calf and Foot Strengthening

Tibialis Posterior Muscle Strengthening

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