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We’ve been designing, developing and manufacturing prefabricated insoles and orthoses since 2001

Our condition-specific range of orthotics, such as the HeelFixKitPFATTPD and TPD50 offer quick and effective solutions that you can recommend/supply to your patients to help them overcome any overuse injuries that they may have picked up.

The DJD is a great solution for patients with 1st MTP OA that need something quickly to alleviate or reduce their toe pain.

Launched in the months just before the pandemic hit was the X-Line ¾  device which is a go-to device where you want arch support, a deep heel cup, but where forefoot room is a concern.

Of course, the Alleviate range is there for all your sporty patients and was designed and developed exclusively for podiatrists in private practice. 

We also have the Foot Pump Sock range which can be used in many ways to assist with foot fatigue or swelling, now available in multipacks for you to “Wear & Share” with your patients. Now available in black as well as the existing grey and blue options and also a calf-length version where the swelling starts higher than the ankle.


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When Stubborn Heel Pain Isn’t Plantar Fasciitis

Playing O’s and X’s with your patients’ plantar heel can help start the process of forming a diagnosis. Let us explain. Heel pain is a common symptom.  Heel Pain has been reported to constitute 25% of all MSK foot symptoms, most of which are plantar heel pain. It is proposed that changes in people’s lifestyle…

HealthyStep Posts: How-To Guide

Simple Adjustments To Customise The Function Of The X-line And Alleviate Evolve Range Introduction The Healthy Step posts (or if you prefer, wedges) are designed to enhance and customise the effects of the X-Line, Condition Specific, and Alleviate Evolve and Evolve+ orthoses, influencing the movement (kinematics) and forces (kinetics), applied to the foot during gait…

Why The Talonavicular Joint Really Matters!

If you have looked carefully at the range of foot orthoses you’ll notice most of them have a unique contouring shape under the talonavicular area. Some products like the TPD range have particularly high contouring in this area. The reason is that for a long time Healthy Step has been aware that the talonavicular joint…

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