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Therapy Band Exercises

Keeping Your Calf Muscles In Shape


Calf Strengthening Exercises with a Therapy Band


To strengthen your calf. 


Position yourself in long sitting with one leg straight out in front of you (with your knee straight). 

Place a therapy band around your foot on the affected side and gently pull your foot towards your head until you feel a stretch in your calf muscle, tensioning the band with your foot upwards.

Try to keep your foot pointing to 12 o’clock.  

Now push down, working against the tension in the band as far as you can, trying to point your foot. Hold the foot away from you at the farthest point you can manage for 10 seconds during each repetition. Then, slowly release the pressure so your foot gradually comes back to its starting position while resisting the elasticity of the band. 

Aim to perform this 5-10 times.  Do this twice a day.  Aim to gradually increase the number repetitions to 50.



  • Increase the number of repetitions
  • Shorten the band
  • Increase the resistance of the band




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