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Eva Sheets

We stock a high-quality range of EVA foam sheets and wedge strips to satisfy the requirements of many manufacturers in the orthotic and prosthetic market.
The products we offer are expertly slit to provide smooth surfaces and are available in a range of thickness and densities. Available for immediate delivery, or collection, from our Mossley warehouse facility.`

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Our EVA sheet material is expertly slit into various thicknesses and features extremely smooth surfaces so you can produce high-quality products and modifications

Our light-weight elastomer is the perfect material for top covers as it responds well to being heated and can then be shaped into heel cups and other contours without creasing

Our PU material is an ideal shock-absorbing material for use as a flat comfort insole, or as a top cover to provide cushioning and high levels of comfort on contoured insoles

Our EVA wedges are cut to provide a smooth and extremely consistent surface and thickness. Available in high density cut at 3.5 or 5.0 degree

Nitto 5015E is designed to make foams self-adhesive for a wide range of sealing applications