Why Professionals Choose Us

Why Professionals Choose Us

Our orthotics are used extensively by foot health professionals throughout the NHS and private practice.

Here’s why:

  • Our products are proven to provide fast, effective relief from painful foot and lower limb conditions
  • We employ in-house podiatrists whose clinical insight enables us to continually develop the products you need
  • Our adaptable orthotics enable you to offer clients/patients a prescriptive, in-the-chair treatment
  • We offer a range of condition-specific as well as every day products for all your clinical needs
  • We’re innovative so you’ll always stay one step ahead of the competition
  • We’re supportive, knowledgeable and dependable – a valuable resource for you
  • Our orthotics are cost effective, especially compared with custom-made alternatives.


Their products are well thought out, for example the forefoot aspects of the plantar fasciitis device.

David Eardley, Peacock Medical

The price is good for the customer. They could pay £300 for a cast orthotic but their products do just as good a job. They’re quick, easy and a great assessment tool.

Peter Gordois, physiotherapist

The HealthyStep team are friendly and like-minded.

Bob Longworth, The Good Health Centre

If there’s anything I need help with I just ask and they respond.

Jo Mugan, Pro Podiatry


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