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Heavenly support for fallen arches

ArchAngel® insoles have been designed and contoured to provide comfort and support for feet with fallen arches. Many people with fallen arches suffer from fatigue and general aches and pains that develop as a result of the concave shape of the middle of the foot that flattens excessively during walking and running.

The Arch Angel Insole 

The ArchAngel® was designed by Healthy Step’s foot health team who worked together to create an insole that cradles the domed profile under the foot. The foot’s arch undergoes essential shape changes as we walk or run that are a normal part of the foot’s ability to interact comfortably with the ground. The ArchAngel® influences these motions and enhances your natural foot function.Achy, tired feet or discomfort under the feet during and after exercise can be relieved or completely resolved by replacing your existing shoe insoles with ArchAngel®. 

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Very slim and discreet orthotic device made from a special material makes high heels more pleasurable to wear.

Everyday comfort insoles reduce foot fatigue in the office and when using formal shoes

This full length insole is lightweight and breathable, keeping sporty feet comfortable over long distances and extended periods of exercise

Give your feet angelic aid