Innovation and Design

Always be a step ahead

At HealthyStep we believe in doing things better, always looking to improve our orthotics, insoles and associated products through a process of listening and innovation that never ends.

Our expert team, which includes several leading podiatrists, specialises in the development of new technologies based on years of hands-on clinical experience, based on scientific research and prototyping.

The result? Our products actively help foot health professionals meet the needs of end users including patients in the NHS and clients in private practice.

Define. Design. Refine.

By understanding and defining specific foot health problems, designing bespoke solutions to solve them and refining them until they’re 100% right, we’ve built a reputation for delivering cost and clinically effective products for a range of foot and lower limb conditions.

All HealthyStep products are professionally recommended, rigorously tested and manufactured to the highest industry standards. Our ISO9001:2015 systems ensure we achieve quality assured results for the complete peace of mind of our clinical partners.

Innovation in practice

Example 01

Our Alleviate range was designed specifically with private practitioners in mind and can be linked with our in-house 3D printing capability to provide truly customised devices.

Example 02

Following feedback from a foot health professional we extended our highly successful Pedipod range for children to include adult sizes. The TPD 50 has proved to be a popular addition to the range as it provides the same high level of support as the Pedipod and caters for children’s constantly growing feet.

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