Silicone Toe Protectors

These extra soft, self-sticking toe protectors are designed to tackle those hard-to-treat areas around your foot.


Product Description

These extra soft, self-sticking silicone toe protectors are designed to tackle those hard-to-treat areas around your foot.

A gel toe protector is great for:

  • Friction burns
  • Blisters
  • Ideal protection during hiking, sport and wearing new shoes
  • Flexible, thin and easy-to-trim, use each strip to cushion and splint toes as needed, for immediate relief from painful pressures, overlapping toes, swollen feet  and chaffing
  • Each pack comes with four silicone oval strips with self-adhesive backings
  • 2” x 1 1/4” or mm in size

The strips can be gently washed, and sprinkled with Gehwol Foot Powder, for dry and comfy feet all day long.

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Protects your Toes

A soft, flexible gel toe protector with caring material for ultimate toe protection

Comfortable Silicone Gel Toe Protector

Our silicone gel toe protector is made to be hypoallergenic, non toxic and non conducive to bacterial growth. See also our silicone shoe heel protectors 

Easily Adjustable

The strips are easy to trim to create a personalised treatment for each toe.

Ever thought about making your feet stronger and fitter? It’s a really good idea that can give you the following benefits:
• Reduce risk of falls
• Develop better pressure distribution on the foot
• Reduce that tired aching in the feet during the day
• Help prevent risk of foot aches and pains

The following simple exercises are a great way to keep your feet fit and supple. Feet that are fitter and stronger can last much longer!
Exercise Therapy Ball
Toe Motion Exercise
Heel Raise / Calf and Foot Strengthening

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