XLINE RUN – Running Insoles

XLine Run running insoles are the latest development in the XLine range from Healthy Step, one of the UK’s best suppliers of insoles to the NHS and healthcare professionals.
Based on the success of our other XLine models we decided to develop one specifically for runners and their particular needs due to the unique nature of running.

Insoles for Running Shoes

These insoles for running shoes can help reduce fatigue on those longer runs and offer supportive comfort in your running shoes.
With over 500,000 pairs of XLine insoles having been used by footcare professionals in the UK we are confident these running shoe insoles will quickly become a runner’s best friend.


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Product Description

The XLine Run has been designed to be an effective running shoe companion, helping to reduce foot fatigue when running by assisting your foot function rather than restricting normal foot motions or movements such as pronation.
How soon your foot fatigues depends on many factors and it is not simply because you pronate.
Runs which require more work from the muscles (could be longer, faster, more uphill etc.) cause the foot arch height to drop (lower) whilst it increases in length and width. It results in reduced elastic recoil from tendons and ligaments during your running acceleration phase.
The less elastic energy that recoils out from the foot during acceleration the harder the muscles need to work to make up the difference. This can lead to changes in your running style and performance.
Wearing XLine Run in your running shoes and strengthening your feet with our foot therapy ball exercises could help reduce the risk of, and/or delay muscle fatigue.

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Running Insoles UK

XLine Run is designed for the needs of speed of runners in the UK.
Running is not like walking because the forces on the body are higher and the locomotion pattern is different.
Most shoe insoles are designed for walking, which involves a single-limb supporting period between two double-limb support phases. In other words, you always have at least one foot on the ground and sometimes both (i.e. when your heel strikes the ground and your other foot is toeing off)as shown below :
walking v running
Running is different! It consists of a single-limb support phase between periods of aerial flight, where neither of your feet is in contact with the ground. This changes the biomechanics within your legs completely as shown below :
running and biomechanics
Don’t run in insoles made for walking shoes. X-Line and run instead.

Running Insoles with Rearfoot Support 

The XLine Run pack contains a uniquely shaped 4 degree rearfoot support wedge that can be attached to the underside of the insole in running shoes quickly and easily.
running insole support
When to use the wedge :
The XLine Run arch geometry is contoured across the whole width of the foot for average foot profiles and arch heights, designed to limit the amount of foot arch lowering through gait. In addition, some feet will be unstable or develop instability with fatigue on the inside arch (called the Inner Longitudinal Arch, ILA or MLA).
The included wedge is shaped uniquely to add some support and height to the middle part of the insole in shoes where the arch lowers most. Where you feel that your arch requires more cushioning or if you get symptoms of fatigue still using XLine Run, attach the wedge to increase the arch geometry. It can easily be removed from the shoe should you feel the insole works well enough without it.
If you consider your base of support when running it is very different to when you are walking as shown below :
running support v walking support
Now consider the angle at which your rearfoot hits the ground at heel strike and how the wedge can stabilise the foot as it progresses through the stride

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