This is the complete solution to relieve and improve your heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis (also known as policeman’s heel, postman’s heel or heel spurs).


Product Description

Developed by a British Musculoskeletal Podiatrist, Andy Horwood, the pack is designed to allow you to treat your heel yourself and make dramatic improvements in just six weeks.

By combining insoles, taping, stretching and strengthening the foot, a treatment programme is initiated that treats the heel pain holistically. The treatment regime not only helps settle the pain but also prevent the re- occurrence of heel pain, and its all achieved in the comfort of your own home.

The HeelFixKit contains:

  • The HeelFixKit PF insole, designed to alleviate pain and rest the heel
  • A Foot Therapy Ball
  • 14 days supply of HeelFixKit strapping, for instant pain relief
  • An instructional booklet on foot and leg exercises to restore normality

You can purchase parts of the kit such as the strapping tape, Heel Fix Insoles and the unique Therapy Ball (designed to rehabilitate and massage the foot) separately if required.

Insole Trimming

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Alleviate Heel Pain

The strapping helps alleviate acute heel pain by supporting the heel in gait. We advise you apply it when you first get up in the morning, and remove last thing at night. The feet can then be bathed. Next day, a new piece of tape is applied.

Reduce Stress

The HeelFixKit insole is a low profile, low bulk and lightweight insole that offers anti-pronatory control which takes some of the stress from the fascia under the foot.

Improve Grip

The therapy ball is a longer term rehabilitative measure designed to strengthen the toe flexors of the foot. These muscles improve toe strength and the grip they make on the floor, or the inside of the shoe. In turn, this ‘grip’ allows a more efficient mechanical ‘toe-off’ reducing the load on the plantar fascia.

Resolving plantar fasciitis can be a challenge. Attacking the condition with the right shoes, insoles, tape and exercises seem to be the best way to resolve the pain naturally without steroid injections.

Apart from the Foot Therapy Ball exercise, the following exercises are also of great benefit:

Exercise Therapy Ball
Toe Motion Exercise
Stair Calf exercise

The therapy balls are used, while you’re sitting down, to help strengthen the flexors in your forefoot. These muscles help ‘grip’ the floor when you walk creating a more efficient gait. The muscle strengthening and stretching exercises featured in the HeelFixKit booklet all help toward rehabilitating the plantar fasciitis, and help improve overall foot health & strength.